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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to yoga. Can I still join?
Absolutely! We all start somewhere. We welcome all levels of practice so you’ll feel right at home in our community.
What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in.
Can I eat or drink something before class?
It’s a good idea to come to class hydrated. Try not to eat a full meal at least two hours before class.
What are the benefits of yoga?
With practice, you will notice your body getting stronger and more flexible. Yoga will also improve your posture. It can also help you develop increased mental focus and the ability to stay calm and maintain relaxed breathing.
How often should I practice yoga?
Ideally, yoga is meant to be a daily practice. If you are a beginner, you can set a goal you can realistically keep. Remember: consistency is key. The more you practice, the better you will feel.

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