AzLA Groups

AzLA Groups

Public Library Division (PLD)

College and University Libraries Division (CULD)

Teacher Librarian Division (TLD)

Special Librarian Division (SLD)

Legislative Committee

Professional Development Committee

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Service Awards Committee

Conference Committee

Governance Committee

Grand Canyon Reader’s Award Sub-Committee

Intellectual Freedom Committee

Newsletter Editorial Committee

University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources & Library Science Advisory Committee

Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship Committee

Web and Social Networking Committee

Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee

Horner Fellowship Committee

Interest Groups

Arizona Librarians for Young Adult Services Interest Group (ALYAS)

Information Services Interest Group (ISIG)

International Interest Group (IIG)

Kids’ Issues, Development, & Support Interest Group (KIDS)

Native American Libraries Interest Group (NALIG)

Services to Diverse Populations Interest Group (NALIG)

Services to Diverse Populations Interest Group (SDPIG, also give as DivPop)

Technical Services Interest Group (TSIG)